NASA Andromeda Galaxy Hi Gloss Poster Fine Art Print

$ 13.95

This NASA Andromeda Galaxy Space Hi Gloss Poster Fine Art Print features a striking view of what NASA dubs The Galaxy Next Door: the Andromeda Galaxy. This spiral galaxy is the Milky Way’s largest neighbor, spanning approximately 260,000 light-years across, and containing roughly one trillion stars. Because it’s so large and relatively nearby (it’s located roughly 2.5 million light-years from Earth), Andromeda is one of 10 galaxies that’s visible from Earth with the naked eye.

Own This Breathtaking View in Its Full Glory

Our Andromeda Galaxy poster features a stunning image that was taken from NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX). To capture the full glory of this breathtaking sight, scientists had to stitch together 11 different image segments of the Andromeda Galaxy to achieve this one photo. Whether you’re an astronomy enthusiast, or you love to ponder the awe-inspiring mysteries of the unknown, this fine art print will become one of your most cherished possessions.

High-Quality Prints in High Resolution

Each Andromeda Galaxy poster produced by New Horizon Aviation is printed in the USA, using high-gloss photography paper and special high-gloss ink to achieve an unparalleled level of depth and contrast. We know how important color is to astrophotography, and all of our fine art prints are printed with maximum visual impact in mind. The blue hues in our Andromeda Galaxy poster represent the far-ultraviolet light, and the orange hues represent the near-ultraviolet light.

This poster is available in a variety of dimensions, including: 11x17, 12x18, 13x19, 16x24 and 24x36 inches. Travel to the nearest galaxy with this fine art print!

Customer Reviews

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James S.

great quality

Pietro G.
Image is excellent, edges are a bit damaged

The image quality and resolution is great and made further impressive by the gloss finish. The only issue is the edges of the poster are a bit damaged from shipping. Overall a great product and would be perfect it it didn't come slightly damaged.

Stu S.
NASA Andromeda Galaxy Hi Gloss Poster Fine Art Print

Amazing imagery. Excellent detail and quality. I’m surprised with the low price.

Tj Q.

Great print love it

Robert S.

NASA Andromeda Galaxy Hi Gloss Poster Fine Art Print