Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of aviation and cartography products do you carry?

A: We offer a laminated pilot’s reference map which include airports, national parks, VORs, AM radio guides, state facts, pilot kneeboard info, and more.

Q: What kind of space posters do you carry?

A: Our outer space posters include illustrious subjects like planets, moons, galaxies, stars, nebulae, and much more.

Q: What do you mean “fine art?”

A: While our posters feature awe-inspiring and educational images, our posters are also visually compelling, and they go great on any wall, whether you want to proudly hang them in your home, office, or school, or if you’d like to give them as a gift to an astronomy enthusiast.

Q: Are your space posters high quality?

A: Of course! We use high gloss photography paper and high gloss ink to really bring out the depth and contrast of the images. We really want those vibrant colors and starscapes to jump out at you. These are high quality, high-resolution images.

Q: How do you take pictures like this?

A: Many of the prints that we carry are taken from resources like the Hubble Space Telescope, the Spitzer Space Telescope, and the Chandra X-ray Observatory. These are all considered part of the “Great Observatories,” and are satellites that each capture a different wavelength region of the electromagnetic spectrum. For example, the Hubble Space Telescope captures visible and near-ultraviolet light. The Chandra X-ray Observatory observes x-rays, and the Spitzer Space Telescope captures infrared light. Data from this electromagnetic energy makes up some of our most spectacular images. We also use data and imagery from sources like NASA, JPL, and more.

Q: How do you ship your posters and prints?

All of our fine art posters and prints are rolled and shipped in protective tissue paper, which is then encased in a rigid container to prevent creases and scratches.

Q: I want to learn more! Where can I find more information?

A: Our Poster Science Information page contains all you need to know about various cosmic phenomena, and we also have a blog that has a good amount of information for the curious as well.

Q: Do you have other products than deep sky imagery and outer space posters?

A: Yes! If you take a look through our galleries you’ll find astronomy diagrams and renderings, images of the United States from space, shuttle launches, landing shuttles, iconic astronaut photos, Martian and lunar landscapes, photos of the White House, the Grand Canyon, the Golden Gate Bridge, and much more.

Q: What if my poster is damaged?

A: Not to worry, New Horizon Aviation offers an amazing hassle-free 30-day return policy. If your poster arrives damaged or flawed in any way, you can send it back and get a replacement or full refund.

Q: What if I don’t like my poster?

A: As we mentioned above, our return policy allows you to send back your poster if you are dissatisfied with it for any reason. As long as you send it back within 30 days, you can get your full refund!

Q: What do you charge for shipping?

A: We provide free shipping when you order anywhere in the United States (all 50 states!)

Q: How can I contact you?

A: We’re available via email at Contact us online and we’ll be able to answer any further questions or respond to any comments or concerns you may have.