Black Light Reactive Dark Energy Outer Space Posters

Black light reactive Dark Energy outer space posters are very unique and sold only by New Horizon Aviation, LLC.  These posters are photo quality laminated prints that react with colorful light being emitted when placed under a black light (UV-Ultra Violet Light).  These posters utilize a proprietary ink formulation and manufacturing process that you will not find anywhere else.  Most other black light posters and prints are screen printed with poor resolution that could never give good results when photographic quality is needed such as in outer space photos.  These posters will show the best results and colors when placed under a standard fluorescent style black light (365nm) as opposed to a filtered incandescent style black light.  The closer the light source the more vivid the colors will appear in the photo prints.  These are great gift ideas especially for any astronomy buff or enthusiast and children and college students as well.  Order yours today!

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